Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Missouri lawmakers debate U.S. gold, silver coins use as legal tender!

Missouri may be the second state, after Utah, to authorize the use of gold and silver coins or special "sound-money depositories" to pay debts to state government.

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Swiss Parliament Examines New ‘Gold Franc’

A Swiss-parliament panel is discussing, today, the introduction of a parallel ‘gold-franc’ currency.

The panel will discuss a proposal aimed at introducing a new currency known as the 'gold franc'. Under the proposal, which will be debated in the lower house’s economic panel in Bern, one gold coin would be worth about 5 Swiss francs ($5.30), according to published reports, which said the Swiss franc would remain the official currency.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chinese Gold Imports Soar 587% In Q1

The Census and Statistics Department of the Hong Kong government reported that during the first quarter of 2012, imports of gold from Hong Kong to China were 135,529 kilograms (135.53 metric tons) – a 587% increase over the 19,729 kilograms imported from January through March of 2011 – according toBloomberg.

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Royal Canadian Mint Revenue Reaches $3.2 Billion

The Royal Canadian Mint achieved record revenue of $3.2 billion for 2011, representing an increase of 42.9% from the prior year. The increase in revenue was driven primarily by the bullion and refinery segment, although numismatics and collectibles also put in a strong performance.

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