Thursday, October 21, 2010

25 Important Facts About Silver

Silver has been real money for thousands of years and although it is mainly seen as just a commodity these days it is starting to reclaim it monetary value as the U.S. dollar continues on it's slide down to it's intrinsic value of zero.

“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value ---- zero.”
Voltaire (1694-1778)

Many believe that silver is the most overlooked and undervalued monetary asset on the planet.

Here is the 600 year chart on the price of silver. Now this is in 1998 dollars so the chart would be pushed up in 2010 dollars.

Important facts:

1. With gold now at an all time high - Silver is still half of it's all time high.

2. Silver is nature's best conductor of electricity.

3. Silver is the most reflective of all metals on the planet.

4. Silver is the best known heat conductor on the planet.

5. It was learned long ago that water, wine, milk, oil and vinegar would not spoil as fast in silver vessels. This led to a common practice of using silver vessels on long voyages at sea for their anti-bacterial properties.

6. There are few mines that extract only silver. Most of the time silver is a byproduct from mining copper/lead/zinc and gold.

7. Before 2002 it was illegal to own silver in china.

8. With the largest population on the planet, China is now actively encouraging their citizens to invest in silver.

9. The U.S. Geological Society has said that silver will be the first in the periodical table that will become extinct by 2020.

10. The mass media as will as the general public have still not realized the full potential of a silver investment.

11. In a March 2010 meeting by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission it was brought to light that there could be as many as 100 to 1 ratio of derivative (paper silver) to actual physical silver on the COMEX.

12. In the Middle Ages, silverware and other eating utensils were introduced as people found those who ate with them did not get sick as often as those who did not.

13. Silvers anti-bacterial properties make it ideal for rubber liners in dryers and refrigerators, surgical tools, woven into fabric like sheets, clothing and blankets, burn treatments and dressings, an additive to paints for walls in hospitals and prisons.

14. Silver is still very affordable to most people as an investment and a way to preserve wealth, gold however, has become out of reach in recent years.
15. Much of the silver used in industrial application like electronics is not recoverable/recyclable due to the minute quantities used. This has made it become an exhaustible resource.

16. Silver has been used as a monetary metal more often and for longer periods of time than gold throughout history.

17. In 1990 there were over 2 billion ounces of silver available for investment. Currently it is estimates that we only have 300 million.

18. The world now consumes about 1.5 ounces of Silver for every ounce of newly mined Silver.

19. The Silver/Gold ratio is currently about 60/1, historically this ratio is 15/1.

20. We have been outstripping silver for 20 years using more each year than is mined.

21. Silver is being used in many new emerging markets including medical, fabrics, water purification, solar, paints and coatings.

22. Debt is the slaves money, Silver is the people's money and Gold is the Kings money.

23. Silver can not be debased while Governments are debasing paper currency worldwide.

24. Silver recently decoupled from Copper and generlal market moves marking it's re-birth as a monetary metal first and an industrial metal second. This is very important.

25. The word money and silver is the same word in something like 140 languages.

And the list goes on and on.

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