Thursday, February 2, 2012

Silver Investors: Pick Your Poison

by Bix Weir,

For 10 years I've been hearing from the mainstream media, silver market analysts and even big time silver bugs the various reasons why Silver prices will NEVER skyrocket. There is always some GRAND REASON why my huge price projections of $7,000/oz for silver will never come true. It's gotten to the point that the BEST thing to do when one of these "oh-so-important" discoveries comes to light is to CLOSE YOUR EYES AND JUST KEEP BUYING SILVER!

Now I'm not saying to blindly invest in silver (or anything for that matter) but what I am saying is that as a faithful silver investor you will be confronted with what sounds like VERY good reasons NOT to invest in this precious metal. Biggies. So big that you WILL question your own analysis over and over again and many will choose to leave the silver markets all together. I would even venture to say that SILVER has been denigrated and denounced more than any other investment alternative in the past 40 years.
Many of these SILVER STINK BOMBS seem like VERY sound and reasonable warnings.
So in the spirit of Ebeneezer Scrooge, let's look at these warnings from the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.

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