Thursday, October 25, 2012

James Turk - The Entire German Gold Hoard Is Gone!!

Today James Turk shocked King World News when he stated, “The entire German gold hoard was gone because it had been leased into the marketplace.  Meaning, the vaults holding German gold were emptied by 2001 because of the Bundesbank leasing activities.”

Turk added, “Half of the gold they (the Germans) leased themselves.  The other half of Germany’s gold hoard was eventually leased into the market as well through complicated swaps with the US.  But the reality is that as of 2001, all of that German gold was gone.  Meaning all German gold worldwide, which was supposed to be stored in vaults, the vaults were emptied of German gold and the gold was leased into the market.” 

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  2. Most of the gold sits in the banks. Problem is, those that think they own it will wake up 'empty' sometime soon. Of course, you could lead them to the bank and say, "Hey, here's your gold," and then you could lead the next sucker to that same gold and say just the same thing. This works fine until one day someone demands delivery ...