Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Democratic Republic Of Congo Plans to Tax Miners in Francs to Cut Dollar Use

Democratic Republic of Congo Prime Minister Matata Ponyo said his government plans to tax mining companies in local currency in an attempt to “drastically reduce” dollarization in the economy within three years.
The DRC franc has been stable for four years and “we don’t have any justification for people to pay taxes in U.S. dollars,” Ponyo said in an interview on Oct. 11 in Washington, speaking through an interpreter. “We are in the process to de-dollarize our economy and bring people to use the local currency more and more.”

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  1. Just looking into all the hype with regard to Mandela funeral and all the questions revolving around the same .. happened upon this info and just trying to connect the dots.. S Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates have all done the same .. knowing Syria, Iran, N Korea and I believe Cuba are the only Countries that did not and do not have recognize the US Dollar Banksters that have not been destroyed .. I thought this information has been quietly shoveled under the rug. When I noticed the Congo was amongst the move away from the Dollar (Petro Dollar) and especially all the under the table secret trade negotiations with regard to the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) which is tantamount to NAFTA on steroids. Haven't We the People been divided and damaged enough? How can we hold the Organized Criminals that are SELLING AMERICA down the river be held accountable for their Treasonous ACTS? Please if it is not already too late.. start working NOW to Kick them all OUT of Public Service along with all dual citizens, try them for crimes against humanity and STOP electing the lesser of two evils. Please become well informed with regard to all Candidates, especially pay attention to those who do not have the financial backing of huge PAC's and think about who is paying for all those high dollar $$$ ads. Advocate TERM LIMITS, demand the Commission on Presidential Debates include all valid candidates without having 15% showing on polls owned by MSM and in which only include Democrat and Republican candidates... FLIP THE CONGRESS federal, state and local ... and Flip THE POTUS and GOTUS ... FPOTUS, FCOTUS, SCOTUS, GOTUS .. These Organized Criminals have been in control for way too long!!